Climbing the Corporate Ladder: VA’s are Not Just for Startups

When people think of virtual assistants, they might assume they’re for startups, entrepreneurs, or wealthy individuals. Small businesses, such as mom and pop shops, hire them when there’s too much work and not enough employees. Perhaps they need someone to help balance their books or keep on top of their newsletter. But what can a virtual assistant do for a corporation?

As it turns out, quite a lot. At Emerald Virtual Assistance, we have corporate clients, and we do so much more than purchase gifts for the missus or order flowers for mom.

Let Us Count the Ways

There are several tasks your VA can do for your corporate company. These jobs include:

Administrative Work – Your VA can manage email, schedule meetings and appointments, answer phone calls, and organize any digital files. Do you need an office manager or an executive assistant? Your VA can easily handle these tasks. 

Customer Service – Perhaps your need is in the customer service arena. You need someone who can be the voice of your company and help satisfy your customers. If you need a mediator between your customers and your employees, your VA can do the job.

Data Entry and Analysis – If no one in the office has the time for the menial task of data entry, consider offloading the work to your VA. Jobs such as these include market research, creating reports, or entering information into a database. This is where your VA will thrive.

Social Media Management – You might have web designers and web developers on your team, but who manages your social media? The simple fact of business these days is that your company needs a social media presence. Your VA can make that happen by constructing your online presence to be both regular and engaging. 

Research – Who in the office loves to do research? Probably no one. But your VA does. Whether you’re looking for trends or statistics, or information on grants or funding, your VA knows the tricks of the trade. Whether you need something found quickly or take a deeper dive into understanding a subject, your VA is more than happy to find it.

Travel Arrangements – Do you need travel arrangements? Wouldn’t you just love someone else to worry about your itinerary? What about booking your flights or rental cars? How about your hotels and restaurants? You name it, we can book it. Let your VA handle your travel.

Project Management – Maybe you need someone who can oversee project management. You have a team, but perhaps they’re remote. Who is going to manage the project(s) you need done in a timely manner? Who will make sure these projects are completed and that all your goals are met? Your VA, that’s who. 

These are just a handful of valuable offerings your VA can take on within your corporate company. When you hire a VA, you’re hiring an independent contractor, not an employee. VA’s are business investments, not cogs in the machine. Whether a startup, an entrepreneur, or a corporation looking to outsource, hiring a virtual assistant will be the best thing you ever did.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our VA’s are not just for startups. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA will jump right into your corporate culture.