A Virtual Assistant is a Business Investment

If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant or wonder if a VA is right for you, there’s one thing you’ll want to keep in mind to help you make a well-informed decision. A virtual assistant is much more than outsourcing cheap labor or hiring someone on the side to get the job done. VA’s are business investments, and by investing in a VA, your business will flourish and grow instead of having someone merely checking off your to-do list. Here are some ways you can invest in your business by hiring a VA.

You Get What You Pay For

Finding a first-rate VA isn’t usually the cheapest option available. If they’re cheap, they’re cheap, and quite literally so. The old maxim rings true: you get what you pay for. Many VA firms hire VA’s to fill quotas or cubicles, not for their quality work. You’re hiring a VA, all right, but not necessarily a competent one. Seasoned VA firms, such as Emerald Virtual Assistance, understand that a VA’s quality of work goes hand-in-hand with caring about their work. When a VA takes pride in their work, you’re guaranteed to get their best work, and thus excellence is achieved. 

VA’s are Generalists

If you’re ready to delegate your workload to a VA, you shouldn’t be worried about what or what not to hand off. VA’s are “generalists,” meaning they can do anything and everything, as long as it’s virtual. If it can be done remotely, whether online, via email, on the phone, through the US mail, or through a service such as UPS or FedEx, your VA can get it done. The only work VA’s cannot do is anything that requires letters after their name (such as a CPA), or anything that is illegal or unethical. 

VA’s are Professionals

Outstanding VA’s are professionals, not amateurs, and they often specialize in specific areas of expertise. As independent contractors, they are in business for themselves (what we like to call the entrepreneur of entrepreneurs) and they choose to work for various VA firms that are able to connect them with clients. While VA’s are generalists, they are also specialists, and you’ll be able to connect with someone who excels in bookkeeping, invoicing, scheduling, copywriting, web development, social media, and much more. The sky’s the limit. 

Nothing Gets Missed

By yourself or with a small team, there might be some tasks that get pushed to the side or are forgotten altogether. After a while, these things can pile up, and like little pebbles, grow to become looming mountains. By delegating these tasks to a VA, you’re ensuring these things never get put off or go missing again. Every odd job is a small part of the whole, and something that gets regularly overlooked might eventually turn out to be a very big deal. With a VA, nothing gets missed again.

Regular Content

Is your website, blog, or social media lagging? With a VA, you’ve always got regular content going out to your readers, customers, or clients. How many times would you like a new graphic posted to Instagram or Facebook? How many blogs per week would you like written up and published? Do you need to keep a presence on LinkedIn but have no time to engage? Have you been meaning to update your website but it’s put off for “some other day” when you’re “not so busy”? This is where a VA will excel. By keeping your content fresh and updated week after week, you’ll get more and more interest online and your social channels will no longer stagnate. 


VA’s can help you get organized so that your business finally gets it together. With so many things to take care of day in and day out, entrepreneurs and business owners can feel as if they’re spinning their wheels and getting nowhere fast. But if you’re willing to take the time to pour into a VA and trust their passion and expertise for the work that they do, they’ll take the time to pour into your business and make it shine.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our VA’s are committed to excellence in the workplace. Schedule a consultation today and learn how hiring our services will invest in your business.