The Team

Austin Stately is a seasoned Executive Virtual Assistant with a demonstrated commitment to efficiency and exceptional customer experiences. Proficient in administrative management, travel planning, research, and communication, Austin excels at handling complex tasks and confidential information with discretion. A background in customer service and technical support underscores dedication to client satisfaction and effective problem-solving.

Becka Goings is the pod leader and senior copywriter/editor for EVA. A writer all her life, Becka has honed her craft from fiction and poetry to writing blogs and web copy for a living, using her passion to make her mark on the world. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, is active in her church, and loves to crank the music to full blast in her car.

Eufemia Melendez lives in Charlotte, NC, and works as an executive assistant at EVA. She handles a variety of administrative tasks and scheduling. When she's not busy at work, she enjoys learning new things on the internet, like finding the best task management software. What she likes most about her job is that it lets her help clients from anywhere. Plus, she gets to keep learning new skills. Eufemia loves to learn and serve others, which is really important to us here at EVA.

Meet Gracesyn Powell, Certified Bookkeeper and people-helper extraordinaire. Helping people is what makes her tick - it's why she joined EVA. She's also the resident neurodivergency nerd! She primarily assists with bookkeeping, email and calendar management, customer service, and research/data entry/documentation tasks.

Shamanee Willis handles a wide range of tasks such as Executive Admin support, graphic design, project management, and copywriting. Her favorite thing about working for EVA is the positive office culture and close team bond. She also loves the flexibility to work from anywhere, giving her clients quality results on the go and driving EVA's commitment to excellence. She lives in NC with her twin boys and daughter, German shepherd, and pet chickens. In her free time, you can find her reading, writing or hosting on a Harry Potter podcast.

Emerald Virtual Assistance Values

Heart of Service
Problem Solving

We believe that time is the most valuable resource people have. At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our job is to join hands with you to help you manage it best. We do that by showing up when we say we will and rolling up our sleeves to do whatever needs to be done. We partner with you to take tasks off the never-ending to-do list. We also problem-solve to create systems within your company and life that keep you on track with your most important goals.

Our whole team comes to work dedicated to helping you manage your time more effectively. We’ve got your back so you don’t have to go it alone.

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