The Entrepreneur’s New Year’s Resolution: Outsource! Outsource! Outsource!

With 2023 upon us and businesses, whether small or large, bouncing back after the pandemic, it’s time for entrepreneurs and business owners alike to take a moment and determine the best course of action to grow their company. Quite often, entrepreneurs take the brunt of the workload upon their own shoulders as it can be challenging to interview—much less hire—qualified employees. But this heavy workload leads to burn out and a loss of drive, as the time needed for networking, sales, or marketing is eaten up by bookkeeping, launching a website, or posting to a blog. How can you save your sanity, grow your business, and not have to worry about the hiring process?

Easy. In a word: Outsource.

Outsourcing is the New Hiring Process

If there’s one silver lining the pandemic gave the business world, it’s that companies are no longer afraid to outsource their work or hire at-home employees. The office looks a lot different these days, and more often than not, the office is at home. Zoom and Google Meet have become the preferred methods to hold meetings, and the lion’s share of a business’s digital workload can be done remotely. With this in mind, there is no reason why entrepreneurs and business owners of all kinds shouldn’t look to hiring a virtual assistant as a viable option to help lessen the load they carry on their shoulders.

Even so, how do you outsource in the first place? Where can you find the professionals you need to do the work? The world’s a big place; where do you even begin? 

Easy. Begin at Emerald Virtual Assistance.

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Emerald Virtual Assistance is a firm which offers the time and talents of several independent contractors who are in business for themselves. These professionals have various specialties and skills that are chosen according to your needs. Once you’ve decided to hire a VA, you’ll hold an onboarding call with our founder, Emerald Storm, and the VA that is best suited for the work you need. 

Not only can we take busy work off your plate, we can also be proactive in growing your business. Do you need fresh marketing ideas? Promotional materials? A greater reach on social media? We can do all of this and more. VA’s are more cost effective than in-office employees for the simple fact that you purchase the amount of hours you’ll need for the month. Once you become their client, your VA will log your time as the work is done rather than clocking in for eight hours. This means your money is well spent on a professional who gets the job done rather than one who’s staring at the clock to go home for the day. 

A New Year, a New Way 

A new year—and new possibilities—lies ahead. Why not resolve to give yourself a much-needed helping hand and consider a new way of doing business? Let Emerald’s brilliant team of virtual assistants help usher you into a new year of freedom and growth. 

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, we’ll help you outsource the work you need done. Schedule a consultation today and learn how our professional VA’s have it handled.