Virtual Assistant Services

Many people struggle with the crush of too much to do and not enough time to do it. Our virtual assistants will teach you how and what to delegate to them, which will free you to accomplish the things that matter most in your business and life.

What We do

Time Management

Are you struggling to stay on top of your busy schedule? Have you missed important client calls or found yourself rushing to meetings across town? With our expert time management services, we'll organize your calendar to prioritize your most important tasks, ensuring you never miss a beat. From booking appointments to reminding you to leave on time, we've got you covered.

Business Management

Ever booked a flight for the wrong date or spent hours tracking down receipts and managing expense reports? Our business management services can help you avoid these common pitfalls. We'll handle your travel bookings, research purchases, and manage your expense reports, so you can focus on growing your business.

Chaos Management

Feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of daily life? We're here to help. Our chaos management services include bill payments, client communication, and even sending your mom flowers on her birthday. With our help, you'll regain control of your life and reduce stress.

Why Choose EVA?

Excellent Service

We're big fans of the KISS principle. Life can be complicated, but we've found some fantastic tools and methods to help simplify and streamline your life. Our expertise will make your daily tasks more manageable.


We are big fans of the KISS principle. We get it; life is complicated. Through our experience with clients in a wide variety of fields, we’ve found some great tools and methods to help simplify and streamline your life.

Think Big

Running a household or small business can be stressful. Let us handle the day-to-day work, time sink struggles, and workload overwhelm. This way, you can focus on the big picture items and achieve your goals.

Don't wait to take control of your life. Contact Emerald Virtual Assistance to learn more about our virtual executive assistant services and how we can help you manage your time, business, and chaos.

What Our Clients Say

Smiling young man with short brown hair.

Ryan Smith

CEO - LeafLink

“EVA and Emerald’s team have been powerful contributors to our growth, especially from an early stage and in unexpected ways. Although usually tasked with time-saving solutions around travel and internal ops, Emerald was right there with us when we had to upload the datasets of our first clients as we onboarded them before having a Client Experience team.”

Young woman with long blonde hair, smiling.

Leanne Bragdon

COO - Key Connections ABA Services, LLC

“Partnering with Emerald is game-changing! She is a true professional. She’s a keen problem solver, flexible, creative, and resourceful. No matter the task, she delivers on time and on point. If you want to achieve big goals with people who are a real pleasure to work with, then do yourself and your business a favor and bring in Emerald and her team. They will take care of the big and small details to free you up to focus on the areas necessary to see successfully grow your business.”


Meredith Mahoney

CEO, Co-Founder and Board Member at Lantern

Emerald and her team are professional, quick to respond, and always looking for ways to be helpful. Great communication is the cornerstone of what they do. Highly recommend this service as a way to lighten the load of the typical executive.

Young man with short brown hair, speaking.

Patrick Murray

CEO - Noson

“When I signed up with EVA, I was running a one-person business, and it was hard for me to delegate. With the help of Emerald and her team I first learned how to delegate. Now any task that comes up I ask, can this be delegated? More times than not, it can, and I can always rely on the EVA team to get it finished on time and better than I could have done.”


Laura Truncellito

Founder and CEO Enployable, Inc.

"I’m impressed by the dedication and the outstanding ability of the EVA team.  They go above and beyond to support their clients and are a delight to work with!"