Meet the EVA Team!

Emerald Storm

Young woman with short black and purple hair, smiling in front of the beach.

Emerald Storm is the founder, owner, and CEO of Emerald Virtual Assistance. Her commitment to excellence and attention to detail has made her, and her company, a driving force in the world of virtual assistance. Beloved by both her clients and her team, Emerald is forever innovating ways to help make her clients’ lives easier, while tirelessly seeking to provide thriving careers for her VA’s.


Austin Stately

Austin Stately is the Senior VA at Emerald Virtual Assistance. He has built EVA’s website through his expertise of WordPress web development and always strives to bring excellence and quality to the office. He works mostly with inbox management but handles many different tasks as well, making him a VA jack-of-all-trades.


Becka Goings

Woman with medium length blonde hair, smiling and standing in a flower bed.

Becka Goings is the copywriter and copy editor for EVA. She is a published author and a freelance editor with Champagne Books. She writes and edits according to the seventeenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style and is a diehard defender of the Oxford comma. At EVA, she oversees, writes, and posts blogs for clients, as well as drafting newsletters, web copy, email copy, sales copy, and social media copy.


Eufemia Melendez

Young woman with long brown hair and brown eyes, smiling.

Eufemia Melendez is EVA’s resident executive assistant, specializing in both scheduling and administration for her clients. Not only does she juggle busy calendars by scheduling (and rescheduling) considerable amounts of meetings, she also schedules social media, handles data entry, uploads to Mailchimp, updates websites and blogs, as well as taking care of invoicing and research.


Gracesyn Powell

Young girl with long strawberry blonde hair, smiling.

Gracesyn Powell is the personal assistant to Emerald Storm at EVA. She spends her time saving Emerald’s time by doing research, cross-checking information, keeping expense records, entering data, making purchases, and booking reservations. She also schedules Emerald’s meetings and makes sure she never forgets a date or time on her calendar. Gracesyn is a strong advocate for mental health, including the mental health of the EVA team, and frequently checks in to caution one and all to be mindful of their workload and take care of themselves.


Krystal Taylor

Young woman with long red hair, smiling and seated in a chair.

Krystal Taylor is EVA’s specialist for web maintenance, design, and development. Her strengths lie in graphic design, social media marketing, and web design/building. She loves to be creative, both at home and at EVA, and her flair for creativity can be found in her quality work. She does a little bit of everything on top of her design work, and is indispensable as a project manager to her clients.


Linzy Carothers

Linzy Carothers is EVA’s executive administrator and works closely with her clients in overseeing project management, travel management, and various administration duties. She excels at updating websites, blogs, and videos, and has the ability to quickly learn any new software. She also dabbles in social media and graphic design, which makes her a well-rounded VA capable of tackling any task handed to her.


Shamanee Willis

Shamanee Willis is EVA’s resident sweetheart, who always comes to work with a smile and a huge heart of service. She is an all-around VA, providing her clients with work of various kinds. Rather than asking “What does she do?”, the better question is “What doesn’t she do?” Shamanee is proficient in graphic design, copywriting, social media management, scheduling, administration (such as invoicing), and project management, just to name a few of her talents. If her fellow co-workers need a helping hand, Shamanee is one of the first to offer hers.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VA’s can help free up your day by taking all kinds of jobs off your plate. Take the time to save your time. Schedule a consultation today.