You’re Ready to Hire a VA—Now What?

So you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant. What now? How should you prepare? What needs to be done? What do you need to think about, get together, or have ready for your VA? Thankfully, Emerald Virtual Assistance has removed the guesswork for new clients. Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind once you’ve decided to hire a VA.

The Set-Up

There are several things you’ll want to set up before your VA is ready to start work. This includes a company email, should your VA need one, if they’ll be sending or receiving emails on behalf of your company. Make sure these email addresses are implemented before your VA’s first day. If your VA will be doing any scheduling, or will need to have access to your calendar for any reason, you’ll want to grant them editing permissions as well.

Any sensitive information such as passwords, apps, software, or credit card numbers should be shared via a secure password manager, such as 1Password, Google Password Manager, or LastPass. Make sure you also include your travel preferences such as login details, known traveler number(s), frequent flier numbers, hotel rewards, etc.

If your company uses communication or productivity software, such as Slack, Asana, or Monday, you’ll want to set them up on these platforms as well.

Communication is Key

Get to know your VA by scheduling a weekly call via Zoom or Google Meet for the first few weeks. This is a vital step and helps your VA come to know you. It also allows you to establish a rapport with your VA, which will maintain a productive workflow. These meetings are also crucial for status updates and uncovering any snags along the way.

Make a list of tasks to offload to your VA and help them learn the ropes with how-to videos. Creating short training videos is an excellent idea if there is a certain work process your VA needs to learn to do your delegated tasks. Loom is a fantastic resource for creating free training videos—and your VA will love you for them. 

Make some time for the rest of your team to meet your VA as well, especially if your VA will be working with them in the days to come. Your team will be more comfortable working with your VA when they’re folded into important company calls and attending pertinent meetings. If your holiday parties are virtual, you can not only invite your VA to join in the fun, but have them plan and prepare the fun as well!

Enjoy Your Free Time

This is probably your most vital and valuable step to hiring your virtual assistant—enjoying your free time. EVA is passionate about enriching your life through time abundance. It’s what we do, and it’s why we exist. Whether it’s hard to keep your head above water or you just need a helping hand, hire a VA today and take some much-needed time to unwind.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our VA’s are ready to get to work. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA will help you enjoy your free time.