EVA Offers Copywriting and Copy Editing

Do you have a blog that hasn’t been touched in years or needs to get off the ground? How about that new web copy you so desperately need—but have been avoiding? Would you like a wordsmith to help you craft short and punchy social media copy? Do you know what you want to say but don’t know exactly how to say it? Maybe you want to start a newsletter, draft company emails, explore SEO, or edit existing company copy, such as employee handbooks or promotional materials. Here’s some good news for you: Emerald Virtual Assistance offers copywriting and copy editing services.

Industry-Standard Editing

At EVA, we write and edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style, the only world-renowned online style manual for copywriting and copy editing. This means your copy, whether written or edited, will be done so professionally and according to the same resource used by publishing houses, news websites, corporations, governments, universities, authors, and journalists the world over. By writing and editing according to the CMoS, your copy has a clear advantage in business, as this manual is the gold standard when it comes to publishing.

Professionally Trained

Becka Goings, our senior copywriter and editor, has been professionally trained by the former senior copy editor at Free Grace Press with tasks such as how to properly cite sources in footnotes and endnotes, research various editions of sources, fact check information, properly recast clunky sentences, as well as checking for grammar and punctuation. 

Becka is also a copy editor and a former author at Champagne Books, an independent fiction publisher. Both writing and editing are her passions, and as EVA’s senior copywriter, she does not let any subpar copy see the light of day. Every single word written by our copywriters is approved by her before being offered to our clients for publication.

Years of Experience

Becka has been in the professional publishing industry since 2005. The lion’s share of her publishing career has been with ebooks, through her publishers as well as her own self-publications. Through her years of experience and personal expertise, she trains our copywriters to follow in her footsteps by offering our clients both polished and professional copy.

This means you won’t receive any written or edited copy from simply anyone holding a pen. By hiring copywriters on Upwork, Fiverr, or other third-party websites, you’re more than likely to find cheap freelancers trying to make a buck rather than a true copywriter who provides you with excellent copy. We’ve said it before, cheaper isn’t always better, and you absolutely get what you pay for. You’ll pay more for it in the long run.

Whatever you decide, the fact remains you need your copy written at the end of the day. Why not hire EVA and our team of professional copywriters? Becka herself writes all the copy for our company, and EVA proudly stands behind her words.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our VA’s are professionally trained in writing and editing copy. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA will elevate your copy to the gold standard of the publishing industry.