Valentine’s Day Delights

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We’ve done similar gift blog ideas, but now we’re turning our focus to the soft-and-fuzzies of romance, candlelight, and rose petals. If you’re feeling lost in a sea of flowers and wine, we’ve got your back with some good gift ideas.

Themed Kits

Themed kits are a great go-to for gifts, no matter the occasion. Some invite warm, cozy feelings, like these comfort-oriented options from Spoonful of Comfort, while others prompt hobby enthusiasts to engage in a new pastime, such as this candle-making kit or this stained glass art kit. If you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill bath and body products, options like these are a great choice because they offer something to do independently or together.

Games and Gimmicks

If your partner enjoys gaming, then there’s a wealth of options. Consider this vibrant color-guessing board game, Hues and Cues, or an immersive strategy game to be found in Spellbook.

If you and your partner are looking more for something to bring you closer together, you can try Let’s Get Deep, which has several additions such as the Ultimate Date Night version or After Dark Expansion. If that’s not quite your vibe, you can also try The Couples Game, which comes in Core Couples, Expansion Pack, or Late Night edition. If you’re feeling uninspired and just need some help finding good date night ideas, you could try using something like Date Deck, which has fifty prompts for meaningful conversations and date night ideas.

Activities to Do Together

If you and your life mate don’t really enjoy the hum-bum of being at home and are instead looking for something to do together, you could always try doing something off-kilter. Going to a mini golf course, a theme park, or an indoor playground are great ways to bring alive your inner child and spark the fire of childlike joy. If you’re looking for something more adult, you could purchase passes to a local zoo, museum, or art gallery, and pair it with a nice meal at a local restaurant.

Acts of Service

If your partner thrives on acts of service, it might be time to consider getting them some help—like a virtual assistant! Being a partner to an entrepreneur can be exceptionally difficult, and so, too, can being the entrepreneur.

Some other options would include a housecleaning service, a laundry service, hiring a local chef to prepare meals that can be stored in the freezer for easy use later, and hiring a nanny or babysitter. Giving your partner the gift of time can be crucial.

No matter what gifts you want to get your partner, anyone at Emerald Virtual Assistance is happy to help brainstorm the thing that’s just right. If it requires reservations, we can get those in the books, along with organizing transportation. If you need help setting up a special surprise, our lips are sealed, but all the details are handled.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VAs can help you find the right gift for the one you love this Valentine’s Day. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA will give you the gift of time.