The Untapped Potential of Working from Home

Working from home is nothing new, however since the Covid quarantine of 2020, more and more people found themselves working from home as offices closed indefinitely. Businesses had to adapt quickly to accommodate remote work, and working from home became the rule rather than the exception. As companies scrambled, virtual assistant firms, such as Emerald Virtual Assistance, flourished. Why? Because VA’s had already figured out how to work from home and get things done by utilizing the untapped potential of a homebound workforce. 

Women and Minorities

As a VA, women don’t have to choose between their career or their family. The beauty of working from home is you set your own hours, which means the kids are still attended to, the laundry is still done (probably), and you’re on time for soccer practice. There is room as a VA in the life of every woman who wishes to remain at home yet thrive in the workplace.

Minorities also have a chance to shine as VA’s and are given the same opportunities as anyone who is self-employed through an online VA firm. Working from home puts everyone on equal footing. It is less about prejudice and more about getting the job done. Are you capable? That’s what clients care about. Someone who might have been passed over in a face-to-face interview now has several clients and excels as a VA.

The Disabled, Chronically Ill, and Neurodivergent

Working from home opens so many doors for people who might have no other opportunity to find an 8-5 office job. Perhaps their mobility is limited. Maybe they’re in constant joint pain. Or they might need a job that allows them the flexibility to go to endless doctor’s appointments and counseling sessions. An employer at a run-of-the-mill job interview would likely pass over people such as this.

To those who have disabilities or various illnesses, including issues of mental health, working from home is a dream come true. Your life no longer revolves around your job; your job now revolves around your life. Not to mention the fact that just because you cannot work 8-5 does not mean you aren’t a valuable asset and member of the team to a VA firm. By working at your own pace, it is your quality work, and not your ailment, that speaks for itself.

How Does This Benefit Clients?

VA’s are people who have all the skills needed to do the job, but who might have reasons why they cannot work in a conventional office. This means clients have the opportunity to find someone who is a perfect fit for their team, yet works remotely anywhere in the country. You are not limited to the small pool of talent in your city or your neck of the woods. In fact, VA’s have an advantage over other in-house company employees, as they can take their work with them on trips or vacations. No matter where your VA is in the world, whether traveling overseas, flying cross-country, or on a road trip, they can still attend online meetings and meet deadlines with various projects.

As companies have adapted to the idea of working remotely, there is no longer a stigma tied to hiring an at-home worker for the success of your business. Virtual assistants are perfect for the job.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VA’s can help free up your day by taking all kinds of jobs off your plate. Take the time to save your time. Schedule a consultation today.