How a Virtual Assistant Can Help with Gift-Giving

Getting help from an assistant with gift giving.

If we’re not careful, the most wonderful time of the year can also become the most stressful. Within the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, booking travel, planning parties, going on vacations, and so much more, who has time to purchase gifts? A qualified virtual assistant can help you where you need help the most. Gift-giving isn’t only for the holidays, it’s all year round when you consider birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and the like. Not only can a Virtual Assistant (VA) help you find that perfect gift, they can also keep on top of your schedule so that you’ll never forget to purchase one.

Once you hire a VA, what are the next steps with regards to gift-giving? A VA can help you not only find the perfect gift but purchase the gift as well. VA’s do the research and purchase your items by using your information and having your gifts shipped wherever they need to go. With that said, here are some things to keep in mind. 

First, you’ll want to set a price. Are you looking for something high-end? Something unique? Set a price goal for your VA and they’ll give you several options in your price range from which to choose.

Second, set a due date. When is Aunt Martha’s birthday? How about your wedding anniversary? Review the important dates on your calendar with your VA to narrow down the gift-giving window and to ensure the gifts to your loved ones are never late.

Third, feel free to make some suggestions on what kinds of gifts you’d like your VA to find. Jewelry? Perfume? A charcuterie board? Or if you prefer, your VA can use their best judgment to find something that might fit your gift-giving needs. For example, you might want to have a hand in choosing your wife’s anniversary bracelet, but your VA could have free rein to choose a nice bottle of scotch as a “thank you” gift for a client. You are free to be as hands-on or as hands-off as you’d like to be.

Perhaps you need corporate gifts to thank your team or to celebrate milestones, goals, or send a client a thoughtful gift for their birthday or a special occasion. A VA can help with this as well. If you want to find something special for each team member or buy gifts in bulk, your VA can help you make your decision and give the perfect gift—or gifts—to your colleagues.

Or maybe your needs are more personal and you want to find that perfect gift for a neighbor or your child’s homeroom teacher. What about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Birthdays? Anniversaries? Even if all you want to do is send flowers to Mom, Mrs. Smith, or to your own spouse, your VA can handle it. Any occasion is perfect to hire a VA to help with gift-giving.

And let’s not forget new babies, bridal showers, weddings, graduations, promotions…the list goes on and on. No matter the gift, the occasion, or the season, it’s always the right time to hire a VA to do the legwork for you. You might just wonder how you ever lived without one.