Christmas Gift Guide for the Impossible to Buy For

Let’s face it, there’s someone in your life who is impossible to buy for and you have no idea what to get them for Christmas. They’re the kind of person who has everything or the kind of person who buys everything for themselves right before the holidays. It doesn’t matter if they’re men or women, the list we’ve made will help you find the right gift, or perhaps fuel your imagination to find something on your own. Without further ado, here’s our gift list for that impossible person in your life.

Card Games

There is plenty of fun and exciting card games these days, from Cards Against Humanity to What Do You Meme?, Slide Into My DMs, and New Phone, Who Dis?. These games are fun party games and will get the whole house laughing. They’re interactive and the best card wins, as chosen by that round’s judge. If your friend loves to laugh and have fun, consider some raunchy card games.

Sherpa Heated Blanket

Sherpa heated blankets are the best, especially for anyone who loves to snuggle. They’re cozy on their own and come in many vibrant colors, but turn up the heat and they go to the next level of cozy. If your impossible friend happens to live where the winters are harsh, or if they’re just always cold, get this blanket and be the hero of the day.

Sun Lamp

Is your impossible friend a little depressed? Down in the dumps? Or do they simply live in a dreary climate? Consider a sun lamp and watch their mood improve. This lamp is meant to synthesize sunlight, which naturally makes us happy and puts us in a better mood. It’s perfect to turn on in the morning with a warm cup of coffee to set just the right tone for the day. Why not get yourself one as well?

Omelet Maker

If your impossible friend or family member loves to cook, and especially cook breakfast, consider an appliance known as the omelet maker. For those of us who love omelets but constantly break them and end up having scrambled eggs, this appliance is a godsend. Simply crack your egg scramble inside with any ingredients you might want within and close the lid. It is similar to a waffle maker. All you have to do is wait and your perfect breakfast will soon be served.

Smart Phone Holder

How many times have we fumbled with our smartphones in the car when we should have our eyes on the road? Too many times to count, likely. That’s why getting a phone holder for their car is the perfect solution. They’ll be able to choose their music or talk on the phone completely hands-free. It will also get their phone out of that weird nook in the dash and cut down on the likelihood of losing their phone in the crack of the seat. They’ll thank you for it!

All in all, impossible to buy for loved ones aren’t actually impossible to buy for at all if you think outside the box. Take some time to figure out what they might actually like, or what they didn’t know they truly needed.