How Can a Virtual Assistant Help You This Tax Season?

We are well into tax season with the looming IRS deadline for filing on April 18th, 2022. Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know how—or where—to begin? Is your life too hectic or your schedule too full to even think about getting your taxes in order? Here’s where a seasoned virtual assistant can help get you through the process. If you’ve ever considered hiring a VA, there’s no better time than tax time.

Getting it Together

When you hire a VA, you can pass them time-consuming tasks to their desk instead of your own. During tax season, your VA can go through your inbox for you and find various receipts you’ll need from the previous tax year. Once they’ve collected them all, your VA will convert them into a PDF that can be added to a folder for your accountant. 

Your VA can create a new folder within your inbox where all your new receipts can reside, and create new PDFs every month that will be easier to find and access at the end of the next tax year. This saves on time and energy, as they won’t need to find all the receipts for the next year as they’ve already been organized.

A VA can also:

  • make a checklist for your taxes to make sure you don’t forget a thing (such as last year’s tax forms, 1099s, and charitable donations) 
  • find pertinent links for online payment options for both Federal and your local state tax payments should you owe any taxes or need to pay quarterly estimated taxes
  • mark the calendar with important tax dates, such as quarterly estimated tax due dates or yearly deadlines 
  • send reminder calls, texts, or emails

Putting it Together

Your VA cannot do your taxes for you. However, they can find a qualified local accountant in your area that specializes in preparing taxes by reading reviews and scheduling calls to interview the CPA for you. VAs can also make follow-up calls to ensure your taxes are being prepared in a timely manner.

Once taxes are prepared and returned, your VA can handle the task of making your electronic payments to the IRS. This might be an option for you upon filing your taxes, however, your VA can pay any and all quarterly estimated tax payments throughout the year that you might need to make (April 18, June 15, Sept. 15, Jan. 15). Once these payments are made, confirmation emails can get filed in your inbox as well as confirmation numbers of the payments themselves to give you peace of mind that payments have been made on your behalf.

If you need any transcripts from the IRS, your VA can make sure they are received and downloaded in an orderly fashion, and by the date you need them. 

Once all this information is gathered, your VA will take into account when you’ll need to do your taxes and remind you to find an appropriate tax service to file them in a timely manner and by the scheduled time period.

Hiring a VA is EZ

If you’re running out of time this tax season, hiring a VA is easy, and it’s the perfect time investment to get things done. Let Emerald Virtual Assistance help get your taxes sorted as you prepare to file by April 18th. Save yourself the added stress and pounding headache by scheduling a consultation today. Bonus: your VA is a tax-deductible business expense!