EVA Offers Project Management 

If you run a small business or have started a small business, or even if you run in corporate circles (pun intended), you know the importance of project management. Without someone to implement, manage, and complete your projects, nothing will get done. You’re only one person, so how can you be in five places at once? While it’s true that entrepreneurs wear many hats, quite often this can result in projects falling to the wayside due to sheer lack of time. We at Emerald Virtual Assistance have good news for you. We offer project management from start to finish, from the initiation phase all the way to the closing phase. Let’s take those projects off your plate.

The Five Phases of Project Management

There are five phases of project management. They are:

  • Initiation – This is the beginning, or the birth, of the project. In this phase, the project is just an idea, a question, or a dream. Is this possible? Can we do this?
  • Planning – Here is the “how” of your project. How will we do this? Plans are drawn up, designs are made, and procedures are written to carry out the project.
  • Execution – In this phase, the plans for the project are carried out and the true work begins. Tasks are done, resources are delegated, and ground is broken. Status meetings are held to make sure the project is meeting set goals.
  • Monitoring – Also called the controlling phase, the monitoring phase of the project makes sure it will be finished on time, that it doesn’t go over budget, and that enough supplies have been procured for the project to continue as planned.
  • Closing – Once the project is finished, all accounts are paid, any pertinent documents are signed and filed, and everyone involved in the project will discuss any snags or pitfalls to avoid in the future, or what procedures or plans worked well. In other words, the closing phase closes the project loop.

How We Can Help You

Project management is a daunting task, especially if the project is beyond your time, your scope, or even your sanity. The true “first phase” of project management is recognizing when you need help. Your VA will be able to assess the project at hand and devise a way to properly tackle it, either virtually or with your on-site staff. It’s altogether possible your VA might solve certain problems or find creative solutions to bring your project to fruition. Just having another set of eyes or another perspective to bounce ideas off of can be helpful in itself, to move you and your project(s) forward in new and exciting ways.

If you need someone to step in, take charge, and get the job done, consider hiring a VA to boldly take the reins of your project. Before you know it, your productivity level will increase and your stress level will decrease. Your VA is the perfect choice to manage your company projects without the added headache of doing it yourself. Not only will you rest in knowing your business is in good hands, you’ll save money in the long run. Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic idea?

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VAs will help you take project management off your plate. Schedule a consultation today to learn how your VA will increase your productivity.