6 Essential Mac Productivity Apps According to EVA

If you find yourself wondering if productivity apps are worth it, here is a list of six apps for Mac users compiled by our own Eufemia Melendez that are fantastic when it comes to saving your time and sanity. If you have a Mac, take a moment to get acquainted with some of the most essential productivity apps (we believe) on the market today.

  1. Shottr – This is a must have all-in-one screenshot app. Easily accessible from your Mac’s toolbar or through your keyboard shortcuts, this app provides a wide variety of functions for your everyday necessities. Screenshot, annotate, blur/erase text, get hex codes with their color picker, and even pixel sizes with this app and all for free. Download from their website. 
  2. Clipboard – Paste Keyboard – If you are constantly copy and pasting, this app will be a lifesaver for you. Save important email templates or responses with this app by grouping them within the app’s clipboard keyboard. Easily accessible from your Mac’s toolbar or through your keyboard shortcuts as well. They have a paid yearly subscription for as little as $4.99 for the entire year. 
  3. Rize.io – Rize is a powerful AI-powered time-tracking app that works automatically in the background once opened on your Mac. This app helps get essential insight on the way you manage your time and in turn improves your productivity. The options are endless with this app—automatic time tracking, Google & Outlook calendar integrations, daily/weekly reports, set your own tracking schedule, get notified to take breaks, categorize your time blocks, project tagging, employ a desktop widget, and more. You can download this app from their website and get a free plan for the session timer only or upgrade to an annual ($9.99/month) or monthly subscription ($14.99/month).
  4. Dropzone 4 –  If you constantly need to have certain files on hand or move them from one location to another, we recommend downloading Dropzone 4 from the app store. This app makes it easy to copy and move anything from files to text or images. It has useful integrations with Google Drive to make it easier to store your files in Drive. They have a pro version available for $1.99/month as well, but we find that the free version is a great option.
  5. Goodnotes –  Goodnotes is a one-of-a-kind note-taking & pdf markup app. This app is an essential tool for those who love to plan and take notes virtually. You can access this app across all your Apple devices, making it super convenient to access your notes, planner, recipes, and files from any location. Amazing features like audio clips that pair up with your notes as you go make this a unique note-taking experience. Convert your handwritten notes into text, collaborate with others using iCloud sync, and much more. For a one-time purchase price of $9.99, it can be accessed on any of your Apple devices. 
  6. Shift – This is an all-in-one workstation for all your email accounts, app integrations, extensions, and browser to live in one place on your computer. This is a must have for any person working from home that wants to cut down the time it takes to open all those email accounts and apps needed for daily use. They have a pro version well worth the investment at $149/year. Just think about the emails you will be able to catch before it’s too late, by having everything in one place!

At EVA, we’re all about finding new and exciting ways that will not only save your time, but ours as well. We believe time is your most valuable commodity, and when you combine saving your time with boosting your productivity, well, that’s a win/win scenario in our book.

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