We Believe in a Heart of Service

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our heart beats with a heart of service. We believe it is not just a key feature, but the whole of who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do. A heart of service, or a true desire to serve, is much more than a bullet point in our employee handbook. It is an outlook, a worldview, a heart posture, and it’s very much ingrained into our company culture.

What is a Heart of Service?

Anyone who finds fulfillment and joy in serving others has a heart of service. This heart goes above and beyond doing good for the sake of doing good. Why? Because serving others fills their own heart and they find their purpose by helping others find theirs.

People who genuinely love to serve are those who bring their authentic selves to the table. These are the VAs who excel all our clients’ expectations, who not only do their assigned work but polish it with excellence. What can be done to make your processes better, implemented faster, or bring greater results? How can we make your website stand out and shine amid your competitors? What might you be forgetting to take/pack/book for your business trip? Where can we shave off some time from your day to give you a lunch break or go home early?

For a heart of service, no job is too menial or inconsequential. Nothing is beneath them. There is no difference between booking tickets for a Broadway musical or hiring a plumber to snake your pipes. Service is service, and when your heart is involved, you truly do care to do the best job possible. Service, then, becomes an extension of oneself, and it is the conduit through which we give dignity and respect to every client we serve.

It’s Who We Are

Our founder, Emerald Storm, is a huge advocate for nurturing hearts of service in her VAs. It is not a “like to have” but a “must have” for every member of her team. Serving others, which includes not only our clients, but one another, is the fabric—and the heartbeat—of EVA. It’s safe to say that service, and doing it well, is the bedrock of our company culture.

As independent contractors, our VAs work for themselves and are not chained to a time clock. The hours they work are your billable hours, which means the work they do is their service to you, not wasted hours gabbing around the water cooler or in the employee break room. We understand the value we bring to you and your business by giving back the time you need to spend on yourself. Gone are your late nights, working weekends, and the stress of not having enough hours in the day. Through our hearts of service, we free up the time you need to feed your own heart, which, we believe, is the most valuable gift we can give you.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VAs believe in a heart of service. Schedule a consultation today to learn how your VA will bring excellence to your business.