Christmas Gift Guide for Mom

If you’re clueless about what to get Mom for Christmas, we’ve put together a lovely list of gift ideas for Mom. Moms aren’t usually hard to buy for, considering they love everything they get from their children. However, if you want Mom to feel special this holiday, be sure to put a little extra effort into purchasing a gift for this precious woman. From frugal to fabulous, whatever you choose, tell her she’s loved and adored on Christmas morning.


Scented candles might seem like the “go-to” Christmas gift for any woman in your life, but that’s because they’re easy on the budget and they smell great too. If your mom loves her home to smell like roses or vanilla or apple pie, there are plenty of amazing candles from which to choose that will help you bring that fragrance to life. 

Bath Bombs and Soaps

Why not put an entire gift basket together with scented candles, bath bombs, and soaps? If Mom loves fresh, clean scents, she’ll adore amazing fragrances for her bath as well. Pamper her skin and her peace of mind by giving her the gift of decadence and relaxation.

Cozy Slippers and Fuzzy Blankets

Slippers and blankets are another idea that won’t break the bank but will be dearly received by Mom. Who doesn’t love to snuggle by the fire or keep their feet toasty around the house? It doesn’t matter how many blankets or slippers she has, she’ll adore these soft and fuzzy offerings, especially if they’re in her favorite color.

Things for the Kitchen 

If you’re willing to splurge for Mom, why not consider an Instant Pot or a Keurig? If she already loves her crockpot and her coffee pot, she’s bound to love either of these other kitchen accouterments as well. But why stop there? Why not new pots and pans? New cutlery? A new set of dishes? Perhaps get her some cast iron skillets, a toaster oven, or a new microwave. If your Mom is at home in the kitchen, then give her a way to make her kitchen the heart of her home.


If you’re really willing to splurge on Mom, jewelry is just the thing. Whether a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, there are plenty of settings your mom will love. Get her jewelry with the birthstones of her children or grandchildren. Jewelry with all their names engraved is another wonderful idea. Purchase jewelry with her favorite stones and colors. Show her exactly how much she means to you by giving her a beautiful heirloom that will touch her heart forever.

Other Fantastic Ideas

Gift certificates are always a great idea from her favorite store. Don’t simply get her a generic certificate to any store, go the extra mile and find out where she loves to shop. Food is another amazing idea. Does she love chocolates? Charcuterie boards? Cheese and crackers? All of these are welcome under the Christmas tree.

Is Mom pressed for time and can’t seem to get anything done on her calendar? Consider gifting her the help of a virtual assistant to schedule all her household appointments, pay her bills, or order her groceries. Pamper your mom this Christmas season with these fabulous gift ideas.