Christmas Gift Guide for Dads

It can be hard at times to know what to get your dad for Christmas. Maybe he’s an outdoorsman, maybe he’s a couch potato. What do you buy the man who raised you when you haven’t got a clue? Hopefully, our little list might inspire you to figure it out, or even give you the perfect gift idea for this most-important man in your life. Let’s take a look at some of the things your dad might enjoy this holiday season.

Shaving Kit

Is your dad clean-shaven or does he sport a beard? The good news is that with a shaving kit, it doesn’t matter. You can’t really go wrong with a men’s shaving kit, whether it be a razor, a buzzer, aftershave, cologne, or all of the above. Not only will he love it, but so will mom! Give your dad the gift of grooming and he’ll look fabulous and festive.

Outdoor Gear

Is your dad always active outdoors? Is he an avid hiker, kayaker, camper, fisher, or golfer? Perhaps he does it all. If so, consider buying him some new gear. When’s the last time he’s had a new fishing pole, a new cooler, a new tent, or a new set of golf clubs? Get your active dad what he really wants this year, an excuse to use his new gear! Take a day, a week, a month and go with him. Some father/child bonding might just be what the both of you need.

 A Meat Smoker

Maybe you want to get your dad something a little more substantial this year. How about a meat smoker? We know your dad loves meat and there’s nothing he won’t be able to smoke in one, from fish to chicken to beef and so much more. Don’t forget to buy some wood chips to go with it, as some hickory, mesquite, apple, aspen, or cherry might just be what makes the whole meal. Get your dad excited to smoke something this season!

A Grill

This one’s a given for any man who loves to grill his food. Maybe your dad already has a beloved charcoal grill. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a propane grill. Or perhaps his grill is from Days of Christmas Past and it’s well past time for a new one. Whatever the excuse, it’s always a good time to give the gift of grilled meat, so consider this one if your dad is a meat master.

Grill & Smoker Utensils

What if your dad already owns the smoker and the grill? Or what if he’s just starting out this epic journey? You’ll want to get him utensils to go with these fabulous backyard barbecues. Spatulas, spoons, and a wire grill brush are exactly what he needs to succeed. Just don’t forget the “Kiss the Cook” apron and the heating pad gloves. Before you know it, Dad will be feeding the whole neighborhood with more than just his corny jokes. 

Christmas gifts for dad aren’t always that hard to figure out. You could even go with the classic holiday go-to’s, such as ties, coffee mugs, or a pair of cozy slippers. Whatever you buy Dad this year for Christmas, one thing is for sure. He’ll love it simply because it’s from you.