Celebrating World Book Day With Books We Love on Business

In celebration of World Book Day (April 23rd), we at Emerald Virtual Assistance would like to give a shout out to our most-beloved books on business. If you’re looking for some new books or are interested in what we like to read, we’ve accumulated some of our favorite recommendations for you. We love to promote reading. What better way to celebrate books than with a blog all about them? 

Books for Business

Our office has several books that are near and dear to our hearts and have become a part of our EVA culture. These books include:

Linchpin by Seth Godin – This book is well-beloved by our staff and outlines the path to make yourself indispensable in the workplace. Godin delves into what elevates an employee into a linchpin by making your work your art and by caring deeply about what you do. In fact, we recommend just about anything Godin has written as his writing style is easy and his philosophy spot-on.

Radical Candor by Kim Scott – Scott ruminates on telling the truth in the workplace, and often radically so. All too often we dance around the issue(s) in a misguided effort to spare the feelings of our coworkers, when in reality, what is often needed is an open and honest dialogue. When practiced by all, the workplace becomes a safe place of trust. 

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller – Miller, one of the favorite authors of our intrepid leader, Emerald Storm, builds upon the idea that brilliant marketing comes by telling a story to your client and making your client the hero. What problem do they have? What mountain must they overcome? Your business then becomes the “wise old sage” that leads your client (the hero) to their happily ever after.

Books for Women Business Owners

Boss Up!: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book by Lindsey Teague Moreno – Moreno’s easy writing style and down-to-earth advice for women who own businesses is prevalent throughout her book. She writes about how she took the reins of her own dreams and built a multi-million dollar business around them. For women who are unsure how to get started with small children, chronic illnesses, or “real life” in the way, this is the book you’ll want to read.

21 Days of Prayer for Your Business by Monique McLean – If you’re a woman of faith, you might not want to pass up this book by Monique McLean. It reads less like a prayer book and more like a devotional, to envision your company to align with your faith, your ideals, and your worldview. You don’t have to compromise your beliefs to be successful, and McLean shows you how through prayer.

The Free Mama by Lauren Golden – For those who are self-employed—including virtual assistants—this book is a must read. Golden outlines how you can do more by doing less, and by being more present for your family while still having a fulfilling career. With excellent time management, a few boundaries, and a driven heart, you’ll become successful on your own terms.

Our whole team loves to read and these are just a few of the books on business that we highly recommend. If you want to expand your business, your success, or your potential, read one of these books today.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VA’s are eager to be indispensable to their clients. Schedule a consultation to learn how your VA will make your business extraordinary.