Who Needs a Virtual Assistant?

Who needs a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant is for anyone who needs to delegate their workload in order to reclaim their own lost time. This includes entrepreneurs, small business owners, tech companies, the self-employed, and even you if your own life has gotten too busy. Let’s take a look at how a virtual assistant can help various people in various ways.


Are you a thriving entrepreneur whose business is growing fast? Do you have a million balls in the air and not enough hands to juggle them? Then hiring a virtual assistant is one of the best things you can do. VA’s can handle everything that makes you tear out your hair, from managing your inbox to scheduling meetings, and from overseeing your website to engaging clients and customers on social media. Whatever you’ve been putting off because you don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the time can be handled by an experienced VA. 

Small Business Owners

Do you need some extra help but don’t want to go through the slog of the hiring process? Do you want to keep your business small and not worry about hiring more and more employees? A VA can come alongside you and do the tasks you need without placing them on your company payroll. You are a VA’s client, which means you’re buying work hours, not hiring an employee. All your hours are billed ahead of time, which means you won’t have to worry about payroll, taxes, or fees for a new employee. You’ll be able to delegate your workload to your VA, and things like taking on company promo or drafting your employee handbook are handled with ease.

Tech Companies

What if you’re an established company but you don’t know where to find any good copywriters for your website or blog? Maybe all the C-level execs are in dire need of someone to sort out their calendars. Perhaps you need vital research done or someone to schedule team-building or off-site corporate events. Hiring a VA can get all of it done. Calendars are cleaned up, exciting new web copy is written, and that trip to Aspen for your team’s ski trip is all set for next month. 


Maybe you’re self-employed and things have become hectic. You’re only one person, how can you get it all done? A VA is just the thing, helping with phone calls, taking care of customer service, even writing your newsletters. They can book flights and hotels if you travel for work, and help you find the perfect kennel for your dog when you’re out of town.

VA’s Are For Everyone

Whether you own a business, work for yourself, need someone to help you make doctor’s appointments, find a groomer, or send flowers to Mom on her birthday, a VA is exactly what you need to take the stress out of your day. Give yourself the invaluable gift of free time by hiring a virtual assistant.

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