Support and Advice with Your VA in Real Time

While virtual assistants can do their job at any time of day, we at Emerald Virtual Assistance make sure we’re available to our clients—depending on time zone—during regular office hours. This means when you’re at work, so is your VA. Working remotely can be scary to some clients as direct access to your virtual assistant isn’t always guaranteed. One of the biggest hurdles to considering a VA is how often you’ll communicate with them. You’ll be happy to hear we have some great news.

Weekly Check-ins and Team Meetings

To keep on top of regular work, how things are going, and what snags might have cropped up, weekly check-ins with your VA are highly encouraged. We’re able to meet with you on a day and time of your choosing, through online video conferencing such as Zoom or Google Meet. Weekly calls are usually scheduled for 30 minutes, but they can be as long or as short as needed. Whether or not an issue is solved or resolved, the best thing you’ll get from these meetings is a deeper relationship with your VA. It won’t take long before you’re confident everything is getting done in a timely manner.

Email, Texts, and Phone Calls, Oh My!

If something pops up mid-week and you need your VA, what do you do? Never fear, you’ll have several different lines of communication open to you. Since we make it a point to be available for our clients during normal office hours, you can send an email, a text, or even make a phone call to speak with your VA in real time. Do you need to hop on a quick call? No problem! Your VA will be able to jump on an unscheduled conference call whenever needed. 

No Slackers on Slack

Does your team use Slack? Slack is a chat software for businesses that allows everyone on the team to instantly talk with one another or send direct messages to individual team members. It is a quick and easy way to send messages to your entire team all at once. Set up your VA on your company’s Slack channel and chat with them throughout the day. This is a faster option than emails or texts, as you’ll know whether or not your VA is online if their “active” bubble is green.

For a company that moves quickly with tasks coming in every day, Slack is an excellent option to keep on top of it all. Your VA can put out fires on the spot or order lunch for your in-office team on the same day. 

In this day and age, working remotely no longer has any stigma attached to it. If you’re worried about communicating with your VA, don’t be. The fact of the matter is you’ll likely chat with your VA more than your face-to-face staff! Communication is the bread and butter of EVA’s customer service. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how often you’ll hear from us!   

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VAs opens all lines of communication with our clients. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA will keep in touch with you.