How Does Having a Virtual Assistant Work?

A virtual assistant works like hiring an employee or a personal assistant without all the hassle of the hiring process. VA’s work for a professional agency and you become their client. Once you’re their client, you delegate work to your VA. This includes managing your calendar and your inbox, booking appointments or corporate events, handling your social media, or even updating your website. VA’s can also tackle personal tasks as well, such as sending flowers to Mom for her birthday or finding a dog groomer for Fluffy. Ready to hire a VA? Here’s how it works.

Pick a Plan

Here at Emerald Virtual Assistance, we have various packages available for your needs. Our plans are determined by workable hours per month. Do you have small projects that don’t take much time? We have a package for that. Do you have mountains of work that have been neglected for far too long? We have a package for that too. Take a look at what you need done and see what fits into your budget. You can always contact EVA should you have any questions.

Enter Your Information

Once you’ve chosen your package, simply enter your information and your billing details and you’re on your way to having a professional VA help with your workload! Congratulations! This is a big step to conquering the mountain and getting the job done!


It won’t be long before you’ll be contacted by your new VA to schedule a kickoff call. This call is crucial for your VA to learn about you, your business, and the work you need to accomplish. You’ll be asked various questions about your company and the work that you do or need done, and you’ll also be asked some questions to get to know you overall. You might also have a few questions of your own. At EVA, we make sure to place you with a VA who will not only get the job done but gel with your personality as well. 

Send Your Tasks

Once your onboarding is complete, you’ll send your tasks to your VA along with any information they might need to complete these tasks, such as company policies, login information, or an account on your business software, including Slack, Asana, or Google Drive. Keep in touch with your VA frequently with weekly calls. Feel free to set deadlines and make any suggestions or edits you might need. 

Enjoy Your Free Time

This is the best thing about hiring a VA. Your free time. With a VA taking care of your loose ends, you’ll be free to spend more time with your family or on yourself. Have you been putting off that family vacation? Has your job eaten all your leisure time? Do you have to work weekends just to get it all done? Once you’ve hired your VA, you’ll be amazed at the free time you’ll now have to fill up with more important things, like recitals, graduations, and birthday parties. Take that step toward freedom today!

Contact Emerald Virtual Assistance for a consultation and learn more about how a VA can help you save your time and your sanity.