How Can a VA Help You Prepare for Christmas?

The holiday season is once again upon us. Are you stressing about choosing gifts? Purchasing party supplies? Ordering groceries? Sending Christmas cards? Stress no more. With a VA, you’re no longer alone when it comes to checking off your holiday to-dos. Make your list—we’ll check it twice. Let’s look at what Emerald Virtual Assistance can take off your plate this holiday season.

The Obvious

Virtual assistants can help you order gifts for friends and family, and for coworkers, colleagues, and clients as well. Need to find something affordable? Expensive? Classy? Kitschy? We can do that! We can also help you order Christmas cards that you sign and we’ll send. Just pop them in the mail to us and we’ll address and ship them wherever they need to go. 

Need to schedule your holiday party? Need supplies for your holiday party? Whether for the home or the office, we can do that, along with booking a caterer, purchasing decorations, and ordering food. If the dog needs to be groomed before family arrives, we can book that, and if your home needs a good once-over, we can book housekeepers as well. All of these might land on your radar when you think about hiring a VA to help with your overwhelmed calendar. But what else can a VA do to help you prepare for the holidays? 

The Not-So-Obvious

Are you a company that needs social media marketing and/or management for the holidays? We can help you with that! Graphics and social media copy are some of our specialties. Do you need holiday newsletters or emails written? What about event posters fabricated or merchandise procured? Is your website updated to reflect your holiday events or sales? Let’s get that done. How about we update your CRM as well, so you’ll know who to send Christmas cards to this year?

Let’s talk about your team. Can we coordinate your company party, purchase prizes, find (or create) team building exercises, book photographers, or source locations for group photos? Why, yes we can. We can even create Secret Santa exchanges and plan various holiday party games in real life or via Zoom. Let’s order swag or gifts for your clients, and be mindful of the dates they’ll need to be sent to get to the recipients on time.

What does your travel itinerary look like during the holidays? Do you need airfare booked? A hotel? A rental car? Dinner reservations? Are you looking to book something a little adventurous, such as a Polar Bear Plunge? Worry no more, we’ve got you covered, whether you go by yourself, with your whole team, or with your whole family.

Speaking of the family…a carriage ride sounds like fun. A Christmas concert? Let’s go! How about the Nutcracker ballet? You guessed it, we can book that too. Even closer to home, your VA can find someone to hang your Christmas lights, book some self-care for you—or for your significant other—such as an infrared sauna appointment, spending time in a float pool, or simply taking the time to go on a stroll together. Even your Christmas dinner can be catered. Yes please!

In short, if you can do it, your VA should do it instead. Time (and sanity) are your most valuable commodities during the holiday season. Let your VA give you what you need the most—time to relax with those you love.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VA’s can free you from your stressful holiday agenda. Schedule a consultation today and kick back in front of the fire.