Give Love, Show Love, Be Love

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, we firmly believe in loving others—love your neighbor, love yourself, love your family, love your friends, the list goes on. The beat of our hearts—and, in fact, our office culture—is not to “be loved,” but to be love. Love should not be greedily consumed, but focused outward. It is not about what you get, but what you give that matters. We couldn’t think of any better day than Valentine’s Day to share our heart with you.

Many Kinds of Love

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. We love our pets, our partners, our children, and our friends, among many others. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been about the affection between lovers and celebrating romantic love. We at EVA celebrate all love and believe we should take the time to recognize that not all love is between romantic partners.

For many, Valentine’s Day can be a painful day. But it doesn’t take long to find love in your life if your eyes are open to see it. Why should other forms of love be glossed over in favor of a romantic partner? For those who’ve had hard upbringings, disaster marriages, or painful friendships, what is there to celebrate on this day of love? 

As it turns out, plenty. 

Be the Love You Need

Without love, many in this world grow cynical and cold. In the absence of love for themselves, they withhold love for others, and thus fulfill their own cynicism—that love doesn’t exist. Yet the wonder of love is that it must be given to be received. Love is the only thing strong enough that can stop the cycle of abuse. Love can talk someone off the ledge. Love makes one believe in themselves again. Love tells a child they are worthy.

In this way, you hold the power to be for another what you once needed (or still need) in your own life. The old adage is true—you reap what you sow—and if you sow love, you will likewise reap love. This is true of the precious older woman who becomes everyone’s adopted grandma. It is also true of the coach who refused to give up on the troubled teen or the bus driver who always made a child feel special. They loved, and as a result, are themselves loved.

Love is a tremendous gift, and we would do well to recognize love in all its forms. 

Love is Safe

When love is honestly practiced from a sincere heart, the object of its affection is safe and protected. The storms of life rage a little quieter in this house. A soft hand and an edifying word are sought by those who need love—and it’s within your power to give it. Nothing holds you back from making the world a better place, and we at EVA are determined to do just that.

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our VA’s celebrate all love. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA can help you share your heart.