EVA Offers Scheduling and Inbox Management

Is your runaway calendar making you tear out your hair? Is your overwhelming inbox aging you prematurely? Maybe you feel swamped without a clue how to dig yourself out from under this looming mountain. Perhaps you can’t find your important emails or even remember your mother’s birthday, much less make it on time to company meetings. Then we’re happy to say we have some excellent news. Emerald Virtual Assistance specializes in scheduling tasks and inbox management. Let’s take a look at a few of the things we can take off your plate.

Scheduling Tasks

If your calendar is overrun with meetings with no free time to be found, we’ll take the time to sort it all out. First, we do a calendar sweep to ensure there are no overlapping meetings or meetings that can be moved or canceled. Second, we’ll take a look at all your pertinent meetings to be scheduled and offer your coworkers or clients various time options that might fit within their own schedules. Then we follow up with meeting requests and making sure they get booked.

This also includes making sure you have heads-down time as well as a time for lunch (imagine that!). While it’s not always possible, we try to put a 15-minute buffer between meetings to allow you to prepare for the next one and be mindful of the times you like to have for yourself. In other words, we hold your boundaries on your calendar. You’d be surprised to learn how many people skip lunch just to make all their meetings. Never fear—we’ll make sure you eat and have some time set aside for self-care.

Even if your meetings involve the calendar availability of your entire team, we will be mindful of their calendars as well and do our best to find times that work for everyone. 

Inbox Management

If you feel as if your inbox has been inundated with junk mail or years’ worth of unsorted emails, never fear, we’ll go through this too! We can utilize folders and create filters that will skip the inbox altogether. Do you need certain emails read first? Are there others you don’t particularly care about? What about blocking and deleting spam? All of these tasks can be done for you by your VA taming your overgrown inbox. 

If you have a huge backlog of emails, we’ll sort your older emails into various folders and determine which emails you need to keep handy (such as tax records or receipts) and which you don’t necessarily need at all.

It doesn’t matter if you rarely get emails or if you get them several times a day. We can check your inbox as often as you like and make a schedule for checking your inbox that works for you. 

Whether you need help personally or professionally, your VA is waiting in the wings to help you sort your calendar and your inbox. If you feel as if you’re drowning under the tidal wave of to-dos, why wait any longer to get it all under control? Give us a call and never work through lunch again. 

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VA’s are ready to help you plan out your day. Schedule a consultation today to learn how your VA will tame your out-of-control inbox.