Books, Binders, and Conference Reminders – Tame Back to School Chaos With a VA

It’s that time of year again—back to school! Parents are elated, children are deflated, and there are a thousand things to do before that first bell rings. If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a VA, maybe now’s the time to consider an extra set of hands, another pair of eyes, and the peace that comes with knowing you’ve got your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed.

School Supplies

How many kids do you have to shop for? One? Two? Five? More? Hold off on the hysteria, your VA’s got this. We’ll make checklists, find the right retailer(s), and even purchase your items to be shipped directly to your home. If you’d rather shop in-person, we can create a shopping list, according to your budget, at the store of your choice.

If your child needs a school uniform (or a sports uniform), we’ll find sales and deals on clothing that fits the dress code, or the best prices offered at websites for your specific school uniform. If your child is involved in sports, we can also help you shop deals when it comes to purchasing sporting equipment and gear, find the league’s calendar, and put it onto your family calendar!

Planning lunches is sometimes daunting, especially when you already have a million balls in the air. We’ll suggest healthy options and creative snack ideas, purchase your groceries and have them delivered to your door, all while keeping in mind any dietary restrictions your child may have.

School Schedules

Let’s talk organization. What does your child’s school calendar look like? Let’s keep track of important dates, holidays, and conferences. When are their soccer practices? Dance recitals? Band practices? Would your child like to join a few clubs on campus? We’ll compile a list and make a calendar for you that keeps all these dates and times in one place. 

We’ll also help your student (or you) with time management strategies which will help balance school work, extracurricular activities, and personal time. 

But what if you’re the teacher who’s going back to school? No problem! We’ll help you there too by scheduling out your day and helping you make your plan, research fun activities for your class, and find the perfect decorations for the new school year.

VA’s aren’t just for elementary, middle school, or high school, but for college as well. If you are overwhelmed with your college schedule or have trouble keeping track of your due dates, your VA will come alongside and give you the help you need.

Study Hall

If your child needs help studying or has special needs, your VA will recommend various websites, educational apps, and find online tools and resources that will be age-appropriate as well as fun and engaging. Creating a strategy for excellent study habits puts your child at the head of the class by time-blocking, minimizing distractions, and setting clear goals.

No matter your needs this coming school year, whether for your student or yourself, your VA will prove to be invaluable by preparing you to tackle your educational needs. Give yourself an A+ by hiring a VA!

At Emerald Virtual Assistance, our team of experienced VAs will help you get on the right track. Schedule a consultation today and learn how your VA will set you up for success this school year.